We focus on one thing; finding and telling your unique and meaningful story.

Every business has a unique and meaningful story at its center, its authentic brand purpose. Purpose elevates and aligns brand strategy, innovation, leadership and organization. It gives you a unique point of differentiation. It’s the uniting narrative that runs through everything you do. 

It all begins with why your brand exists. If you don’t know who you are, what you stand for and why you exist, your customers won’t feel you and won’t engage with you.

We will lead you through a process to discover an authentic and purposeful brand story that inspires your people internally as well as your audiences externally. We get to the heart and soul of your organizational psychology and turn it into a passionate and strategic brand framework that is extremely effective in earning the powerful loyalty and affection that enables truly breathtaking performance over time. 

People often come to a brand through product but passionate advocacy doesn’t happen until they learn what the brand stands for. Our strategies turn consumers into activists for your brand. 

Once we’ve excavated your brand narrative we’ll create an engagement strategy and a compelling brand film that tells your story. With strategy and content in hand you can successfully deploy and reach audiences across all platforms working your way into the hearts, minds, and actions of the people most important to your business.

Brand Strategy

A branding framework that includes:

  • Brand Truths/Values
  • Brand Purpose
  • Positioning – how you differentiate from competitors
  • Brand Story
  • Brand Emotional Impact
  • External Expression
    • Language and Voice
    • Key messaging
    • Behavior

Engagement Strategy

Once you’ve articulated your purpose and the story you need to tell, you must bring it to life, internally and externally. We will develop an effective engagement strategy that gets to the heart and soul of all your audiences driving high levels of loyalty and engagement across channels. 

Brand Film/Video

If you want to powerfully engage people with your business, a film that tells your story and creates advocacy by driving emotional commitment to your brand is the best way to do it. We can help you create compelling video content that will get you talked about and shared across the digital stratosphere. 

Founder "Purpose" Coaching

As the Founder, you hold the vision and mission of your brand, and it's your job to inspire your team to execute against that mission. Sometimes, we lose connection to our sense of purpose and we feel directionless. Let me help you re-connect to what's truly meaningful in your life, and the difference you want to make. Your True North is the purpose behind your brand and the central narrative for everything you do. Once you re-discover it and turn it into a compelling brand story and strategy, your business will soar. 

Recent Clients

Companies with heart outperform S&P 500 brands

Do companies with heart make money? The answer is unequivocally, yes. Purpose-led companies see shareholder returns of 1,681% vs. the S&P’s 118% over 15 years. But purpose drives more than profit, 79% of employees who work for purpose-driven companies like Patagonia, Whole Foods, and Southwest Airlines say they love their jobs. And 91% of consumers around the globe would rather buy from a brand that supports positive impact than from one that doesn’t. Companies with heart are loved by everyone, deliver superior financial results and make the world a better place.