Business in service to a thriving planet. 

Heart&Soul branding was founded on the belief that conventional business can heal the world. When people build and run companies from their highest values and purpose, it delivers profitability to stakeholders, meaningful work to employees, and positive social change to our culture.

Business as healer is generative in nature.  It brings into fulfillment a thriving planet. This is the true purpose of business, the founding principle.  Purpose is not a lofty, touchy-feely dream, it’s a proven business strategy that delivers positive results on every level. All of us can experience well-being, abundance and a sense of meaning.

What if your business, your life, your legacy, could do that?
 What would that mean to you, your family, executive team, investors, and customers?

Whether you’re a beauty brand that wants to help women find self-acceptance, or a tech firm that wants to build socially responsible products, our promise is to help you figure out your purpose, position your brand around it, and tell your story so you and your business can rally millions and remake the world.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
— Mary Oliver