We are a new breed of consultancy that leverages purpose-driven strategy and storytelling to grow your business and social impact.

What story will you need to tell not just to stand out from your competitors but also to generate the levels of loyalty and engagement needed to grow the brand and bottom line long term?

The purpose behind your business is the heart and soul of your brand. It is the authentic story of why you exist and the difference you want to make. It’s the most engaging story you will ever tell.

When purpose is the core strategy for brand engagement you get into the hearts, minds and actions of your most important audiences. You become unforgettable. You discover your unique differentiator. Best of all, because human purpose is always rooted in improving life, you drive social change. You take a stand and your audiences get behind you. You connect around a common purpose. They become your biggest advocates. They don’t just buy you, they buy into you.

In the digital age, it’s critical for business leaders to understand that people want to actively participate with brands in the pursuit of a compelling vision for change. And it must be authentic. Millennials especially are relentless in their pursuit for authenticity.  Purpose brings authenticity to your brand. It is the deepest truth about why you exist. 

Purpose drives profit too. Purpose and values-driven brands have been shown to outperform comparison companies by 16 to one. They enjoy 400% higher revenues, 700% greater job growth and 1,200% higher stock prices. Click here to see how purpose makes profit.

Today, there is a call for brands to play an even more substantial role in contributing to life on earth. Purpose-driven brands can now wholeheartedly tap into an army of enthusiastic supporters who want to be personally invested in a brand’s social purpose and who will reward those brands that allow them to participate in the journey.

We work with our clients to discover their unique brand purpose and develop a clear and authentic storytelling strategy to engage customers around that mission.

Ultimately, we help increase your brand's "share of heart"; delivering the emotional, experiential, and social value your stakeholders are demanding. We help you build a company that leaves the world a better place. And we help you understand why you must do all this, or risk being left in the dust.

Brand Strategy & Storytelling

We work with you to excavate and articulate your authentic brand purpose, values, positioning, and narrative, for a complete brand strategy framework that is the foundation of your engagement strategy.

Brand Activation

Once you have determined your brand promise and story you need to bring it to life with a compelling engagement strategy.

Brand Films

Content will be a major part of your engagement strategy and nothing has a more powerful effect on the hearts, minds and actions of people than an emotionally engaging brand film.

Business in service to a thriving planet. 

Heart&Soul branding was founded on the belief that conventional business can heal the world. When people build and run companies from their highest values and purpose, it delivers profitability to stakeholders, meaningful work to employees, and positive social change to our culture.

Business as healer is generative in nature.  It brings into fulfillment a thriving planet. This is the true purpose of business, the founding principle.  Purpose is not a lofty, touchy-feely dream, it’s a proven business strategy that delivers positive results on every level. All of us can experience well-being, abundance and a sense of meaning.

What if your business, your life, your legacy, could do that?
 What would that mean to you, your family, executive team, investors, and customers?

Whether you’re a beauty brand that wants to help women find self-acceptance, or a tech firm that wants to build socially responsible products, our promise is to help you figure out your purpose, position your brand around it, and tell your story so you and your business can rally millions and remake the world.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
— Mary Oliver

Michael Freund
Filmmaker, Storyteller

Michele Gough
Chief of Strategy & Storytelling


Imagine a business that is born out of a dream about how the world could be and should be. The founders are on fire to create something of relevance, resonance, and permanence – a business that will far outlive them, that delivers real value of multiple kinds to everyone it touches. They want to create a business that their parents and children will be proud of, that aspires to so much more than making money – a force for good that enhances the health and well-being of society. They dream of creating a business that enriches the world by its existence and brings joy, fulfillment, and a sense of meaning to all who are touched by it.

Picture a business built on love and care rather than stress and fear, whose team members are passionate and committed to their work. Their days race by in a blur of focused intensity, collaboration, and camaraderie. Far from becoming depleted and burned out, they find themselves at the end of each day newly inspired and freshly committed to what brought them to the business in the first place – the opportunity to be part of something larger than themselves, to make a difference, to craft a purposeful life while earning a living.

Think of a business that cares profoundly about the well-being of its customers, seeing them not as consumers but as flesh-and-blood human beings whom it is privileged to serve. It would no more mislead, mistreat, or ignore its customers than any thoughtful person would exploit loved ones at home. Its team members experience the joy of service, of enriching the lives of others.

Envision a business that embraces outsiders as insiders, inviting its suppliers into the family circle and treating them with the same love and care it showers on its customers and team members. Imagine a business that is a committed and caring citizen of every community it inhabits, elevating its civic life and contributing in multiple ways to its betterment. Imagine a business that views its competitors not as enemies to be crushed but as teachers to learn from and fellow travelers on a journey toward excellence. Visualize a business that genuinely cares about the planet and all the sentient beings that live on it, that celebrates the glories of nature, that thinks beyond carbon and neutrality to become a healing force that nurses the ecosphere back to sustained vitality.

Imagine a business that exercises great care in whom it hires, where hardly anyone ever leaves once he or she joins. Imagine a business with fewer managers, because it doesn’t need anyone to look over peoples’ shoulders to make sure they are working or know what to do, a business that is self-managing, self-motivating, self-organizing, and self- healing like any evolved, sentient being.

See in your mind’s eye a business that chooses and promotes leaders because of their wisdom and capacity for love and care, individuals who lead by mentoring and inspiring people rather than commanding them or using carrots and sticks. These leaders care passionately about their people and the purpose of their business and little for power or personal enrichment.

Imagine a business that exists in a virtuous cycle of multifaceted value creation, generating social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, cultural, physical, and ecological wealth and well-being for everyone it touches, while also delivering superior financial results year after year, decade after decade. Imagine a business that recognizes that while our planetary resources are limited, human creativity is unlimited and continually fosters the conditions in which its people can rise to their extraordinary, almost miraculous potential.

Such businesses – suffused with higher purpose, leavened with authentic caring, influential and inspirational, egalitarian and committed to excellence, trustworthy and transparent, admired and emulated, loved and respected – are not imaginary entities in some fictional utopia. They exist in the real world, by the dozens today but soon to be by the hundreds and thousands. Examples of such companies today include Whole Foods Market, The Container Store, Patagonia, Eaton, the Tata Group, Google, Panera Bread, Southwest Airlines, Bright Horizons, Starbucks, UPS, Costco, Wegmans, REI, Twitter, POSCO, and many others. In decades ahead, companies such as these will transform the world and lift humanity to new heights of emotional and spiritual well- being, physical vitality, and material abundance.

Welcome to the heroic new world of Conscious Capitalism. 


(Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the heroic spirit of business. John Mackey and Raj Sisodia. Harvard Business Review Press. Boston, MA. 2013. Pages 30ff.)